Online Loan – For What Purpose?

Online loan is an offer of banks, which has been prepared with a view to limiting the time of an increasing number of Polish society. People are so busy that they do not even have time to calmly settle the most important matters, let alone talk about credit. In this way, the formalities run faster and more convenient.


For unplanned expenses

An online loan, like the one requested in a bank outlet, can be used for all unplanned and, in addition, very urgent expenses. If someone gets sick, he will be able to spend money for treatment. When the car experiences a serious breakdown, you can repair it or buy a new one. The money raised in this way will be used to purchase a new refrigerator or washing machine, as well as to repair any type of defects in the apartment or company.


For long-delayed plans

house renovation

Some plan renovations of a flat or a house for many years. They want to refresh the color of the walls, replace the floors, but they do not have the money for it, so they constantly postpone it for so-called later. If they can afford it and are capable, they can take out a loan online. Money raised in this way can be used for a long-delayed renovation of the apartment, so that eventually create the right conditions for life. There are people who want to buy a car, but also for known reasons postpone this purchase in time. If they want and are capable, they can buy it on credit.


For pleasure

Many people dream of going abroad and it is best with the whole family. Some online loans do not require giving the reason why the borrower wants to use the support. Therefore, if you feel like it, you can go on holiday for the money raised in this way. In addition, it can also finance the construction of your dream home. If only the borrower considers this reason to be extremely important, he can finance the crazy purchases with the money he has obtained.


Only is it worth it?

Only is it worth it?

Keep in mind that online credit is an obligation that requires regular repayment with interest and other costs. Loans are not cheap at all. Therefore, you must take them only when the reason is actually very important and when the potential borrower can afford it.

An online loan, which does not require a reason to take out, can be used for any purpose – for urgent and unexpected expenses, for long-delayed plans, and for all types of pleasures. Only you need to think about whether it is worth it. Loans are expensive and the borrower has to meet a number of conditions. Not everyone should immediately solve their financial problems with just such a loan.

Is ESL Loan Reliable And Safe?

Sometimes we go through certain moments in life where the only solution is to take out a loan. But there are so many options on the market that we get lost, we do not even know where to start looking.

But today, let’s talk a little about the ESL Loan, a great option in the market. Follow our suggestions below:


What is the ESL Loan?

What is the ESL Loan?

The ESL Loan is a national company and was established in 2015. The company uses the web services application called “uCreditz”. Both brands belong to MSL Inc., Which is a banking correspondent duly authorized by the ABC Bank. Therefore, it is not a financial institution.

In response to a requirement made by the ABC Bank, the two brands were unified and from April 2019 only the “uCreditz” brand will be used. That is, there will no longer be the name ESL Loan.


The ESL Loan is a portal for requests for financial products. Any payment is directly made to the financial institutions they represent.

The company offers the payroll loan, which is a form of loan where the payment of the installments is directly discounted on the salary or retirement of those who hired.

Overall, they are the lowest interest rates on the market. This is because the risk of default is very low.

It is important to note that the amount of the installment can not exceed 30% of the salary or benefit received.


Who can hire the payroll loan?

Who can hire the payroll loan?

Unfortunately, it is not everyone who can apply for a payroll loan.

See who can benefit:

  • Retired / INSS pensioner;
  • Federal / state / municipal public official;
  • Employee of private companies that are agreed with the requested financial institution.

Private-sector employees will have somewhat higher interest rates because of the risks of not having financial stability. But, yet, interest rates are lower than other modalities.


What are the benefits of payday loan?

What are the benefits of payday loan?

  • Interest rates are lower than the other types due to the lower risk of default;
  • There is not much bureaucracy and money is released quickly;
  • The loans are longer. Generally, the term is 84 months, but there are banks that make up to 120 months;
  • It is one of the best options for negativados, because most of the times the companies do not consider the restrictions, since other points of the capacity of payment are evaluated;
  • There is no requirement of guarantor or guarantor;
  • All site data is encrypted. That is, you navigate safely.


How to hire a loan through the website?

How to hire a loan through the website?

Just download the “uCreditz” application. So, just register your data, if there is a proposal compatible with your need, just send the documents and wait for the analysis. If it is approved, the money goes into your checking account.

The application also offers a detailed comparison with the proposals of each bank. And yet there is how to check customer reviews, approval rates and other information pertaining to each bank.

But remember, it is always important to analyze the importance of the loan and whether you will be able to afford the new expenses related to the installments.

Is that you? Have you used the services of the ESL Loan? Tell us in the comments. Do not forget to share this article on social networks.

Loan Application Result Learning

Using your credentials and reference code, you can use the following banking channels to conduct Good Finance loan inquiry without waiting for your application to be completed. Criticism at

When is Good Finance Loan Application Resulted?

When is Good Finance Loan Application Resulted?

Every individual applying for a loan focuses on when the outcome will be announced and whether it will receive a positive response. At this point, the type of funding applied is important for individuals to give a clear answer to the question when the loan application results.

The approval process determined by Good Finance Bank for general purpose loans is between 1-3 days. After obtaining the information of the applicant, it is examined if there are other documents and requirements regarding the use of credit.

If it is considered that you are a customer with no problems in repayment of the loan and your documents are fully included in the file, your financing application will be approved.

If you have applied for a mortgage loan, the application process will take a little longer. The approval period of the housing loan used for the purchase of immovables such as flats, houses and land is generally between 2 and 5 days.

Since even the appraisal report can take an average of 1-2 days, housing loans are examined in a wider process compared to general purpose loans. Examining applications for car loans may take 2-5 working days.

Good Finance Credit Inquiry

Good Finance Credit Inquiry

You can learn the positive or negative results of your loan instantly and satisfy your curiosity by making use of Good Finance loan inquiry methods. Good Finance Bank facilitates the credit tracking process of its people by offering a wide range of options to its customers through the questioning Smart Tracking inquiry system.

With Smart Tracking, you can use the Personal Payday Loan Application Inquiry ”page on the official Good Finance Bank website to find out the outcome of your personal loan, housing or vehicle loan.

On this page within the scope of retail banking, you are required to enter the reference code and your identification number. Then you can query by entering the security code in the related section.

Check the status of your loan applications

Check the status of your loan applications

You can also check the status of your loan applications via the Good Finance Bank website. After logging in to the internet branch, you will see the ular Applications and Credits ”menu. You can inquire about your loan application thanks to the Application Tracking link located at the bottom of this menu.

However, if you do not have internet access and you are curious about the outcome of your application, then you can query the status of your application using the 4407 SMS Banking channel.

Good Finance Bank provides its customers with practical and simple solutions as seen for loan application learning. However, those who cannot use these banking channels or who do not have access to them can learn the outcome of their application from any branch of the bank.

Cash loan, Loan In Promotion At Payday Bank

Payday cash loan in a special offer at Getmoney for joyful plans for the whole family – summer 2019, holidays and holidays – loan offer for holidays 2019 and holidays in the country in the mountains, by the sea, in Masuria or abroad. Cheap cash loan at Payday for renovation of an apartment or house. Cheap cash loan at Payday Bank from PLN 1,000 to PLN 3,500 per statement or up to PLN 160,000 without security. Low interest rate and convenient loan period from 3 to 96 months – Payday Bank cash loan – Payday loan promotion offer. Lower interest rate for loans over 20,000 up to 100,000 zł. Take a cash loan at Payday Bank and go on Holiday 2019 All Inclusive at the lowest price for SUMMER 2019 look Payday for an offer at Last Minute travel agencies. The cheapest holiday loan – a special Internet loan offer for holidays.

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An online loan for any purpose when and where you want

An online loan for any purpose when and where you want

The factors support Payday the implementation of the intended goals are cooperation with the Payday Group, the use of modern technology, the development of distribution channels and the provision of high-quality services. The retail bank Payday development strategy assumes the provision of integrated financial services, the improvement of bundle Payday and the conservative approach to risk. The clients of Payday Bank have access to the Bank’s services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A fast-paced cash loan available Payday the first visit, provided that the customer will have an identity document and document confirm Payday income, and that no additional credit analysis will be required. Fast cash at Payday Bank is up to PLN 160,000 in cash loans for the repayment period – 8 years (96 months). The loan can be used for any purpose and what is important, Payday Bank does not require a guarantor. In addition, the borrower is free to choose the date of installment payment and may use the Safe Loan insurance program. A fast and attractive cash loan right away.


It’s worth create Payday an account at Payday Bank?

payday cash

The Direct account with My Payday is a new, personal bank Payday system that facilitates the daily use of the account and adapts to the client. Thanks to it, the customer has access to money where he wants, when he wants and how he wants. On a computer, tablet or smartphone – just as easily. You can immediately see what means the account holder has and what it seems. The Direct account with My Payday makes it easier to make better decisions: efficiently plan your budget and save more. Transfers and recharges are carried out quickly and intuitively.

The Direct account for the company offers a mobile application for tablet and smartphone, PLN 0 for active people for internet transfers in PLN in the country, as well as access to advisors in over 400 branches in Poland.


An online cash loan for the implementation of your plans

The cash loan in Payday sounds good! What should the profile of the client apply Payday for a cash loan at Payday Bank look like? Extensive conditions to be met in order to receive a cash loan in Payday – basic criteria, requirements (age, income, employment) – loan offer of Payday Bank .

An online cash loan for the implementation of your plans

  • Cash loan amount in Payday: from PLN 1,000 to PLN 3,500 (for a statement) or up to PLN 160,000 (without security)
  • Loan period: from 3 to 96 months
  • Interest rate: 7.49 to 8.99% depend Payday on the amount, period, insurance purchase
  • Cash loan in Payday for people from 18 years
  • Required min. income: PLN 800
  • Required employment: contract of employment, commission, work
  • The required duration of employment for individual forms of contract: depend Payday on the source of income
  • Cash loan – income from work abroad – foreign contract: possible to receive a cash loan at the Payday branch
  • Accepted special professions, eg. Sailor, priest, military contract
  • Benefits of the Payday cash loan offer: 0% commission for loans over PLN 20,000 – PLN 100,000

Real Estate Loan Redemption

Mortgage real estate is a delicate operation that requires careful thought. It is an alternative in the event of failure during a request for repurchase of consumer credit. The real estate will be an insurance for the payment of his monthly payments by the individual.


Zoom on the purchase of mortgage loans

Zoom on the purchase of mortgage loans

Mortgage Loan Repurchase is a banking transaction that consolidates all household financial commitments and consumer loans by including home loans. The peculiarity of this repurchase of credit resides in the acceptance of the customer to the mortgage of his property. This operation concerns people who are over-indebted and who are registered with the FCC, FICP or FNCI. It also affects people who have tried to buy a loan but have been refused by the banks. This is a long-term credit that can be up to 25 years for the repayment period while the amount to be borrowed varies depending on the value of the housing (ie 60 to 100% of this value). Apart from returning the property to mortgage, other conditions similar to other types of redemption are required. These include documents such as loan amortization schedules and pay slips.


The benefits of mortgage repurchase

The benefits of mortgage repurchase

This type of buyback is an opportunity for individuals to reduce their deadlines. In addition to the amount of the monthly payments, the annual rates of total workforce (APR) are also considerably reduced. This reduction is more advantageous compared to the rates of repurchase of conventional consumer credit. In addition, extending the repayment term is also a significant benefit. It is entirely possible to include the financing of a project in a mortgage repurchase agreement. In addition, the borrower has the right to request an adjustable rate that will allow him to renegotiate the repurchase agreement later. Finally, the mortgaged property may be sold at the end of the term if the owner so wishes.

The presence of a notary is mandatory when concluding the mortgage repurchase agreement. It is therefore necessary to provide for notary fees, in addition to the administrative fees for the loan buyback. The processing times may also be longer compared to a buyback of consumer credit. In case of non-compliance with deadlines, the bank may sell the mortgaged property for reimbursement.

What Are The Risks Of Financing With Variable Loans?

Occasionally, prospective real estate owners will be advised to rely on variable real estate loans for financing. Most people are initially unsure and therefore find out online, where they often read that variable loans involve certain risks. In today’s post, we want to show how the risk is actually ordered.

How a variable property loan works

First, a brief explanation of what lies behind the actual loan type: A variable loan is characterized by the fact that it is not subject to any fixed interest rate. The loan interest rate is continuously adjusted to the development of market interest rates, usually at a quarterly rate.


Benefits of this loan type

Benefits of this loan type

Variable loans bring two great benefits, which can be very attractive depending on the financing. First, there is the fact that, due to the lack of fixed interest, a quick exit is possible. The borrower does not bind himself long, which is useful, for example, when interim financing (eg waiting for disbursement of a legacy) is needed.

Furthermore, short maturities / fixed interest offer the advantage that they promise lower interest rates. The longer the interest rate is fixed, the higher the interest rates are under normal market conditions. Who finances variable, thus achieved an interest advantage. In addition, the borrower benefits additionally when market rates fall.


Risks of variable loans

The ongoing adjustment of the loan interest rate represents the actual risk. If market rates rise, financing will inevitably become more expensive. Depending on the personal income situation, this is extremely risky, because possibly the loan is a major financial burden.


Conclusion for our example family

Conclusion for our example family

From the point of view of our family of examples, the situation is clear, since their income is considered sound, but at the same time manageable. Precisely because the family can not make big financial leaps, the risk of financing with a variable real estate loan is far too high. While the benefits may sound appealing, the risk is overstated in the end. It is therefore better, our sample family selects a classic mortgage loan with a long interest rate.