Financial applications for smartphone and its benefits

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and every day we can do more things with these devices. From using it as a GPS to get somewhere, to turn on and off the remote home air conditioner. One of the applications that these devices have and that is what I am going to talk about in this article, is to control your finances in a much simpler way than what was done before.

You no longer need a ton of papers, a calculator and a lot of patience to keep track of your personal finances. Not even finding the best personal loan is now a problem. The current reality is that, among the thousands of applications that you can download on your mobile, some of the most successful are those that can help you control your expenses.

The Fintech has brought us great things so I encourage you to examine each of these applications and use the one that can help you the most.

Let’s start …

Expense Manager

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Google Play is rated 4.3 out of 5 among more than 45,000 votes and has been downloaded by millions of people.

This makes it one of the most outstanding applications for personal finance.

And what is this application responsible for to have these ratings by users?

Well simply keep track of your expenses, budget, make alerts or manage different accounts in different currency units.

It is a powerful platform, where users can automate, manage and control their expenses and supplier payment processes.

Each module is fully integrated, all managed by a unified company policy and workflow.

And with the same user interface, users should only learn once.

The Expense Manager is a great application for managing your expenses and income, some of the things you can do are the following:

• Monitoring and revenue expenses by week, month and year, as well as by categories
• Multiple accounts in multiple currencies
• Schedule recurring payments and payments
• Payment alerts
• Budget by day, week, month and year
• Search and reports
• Import and export of account activities in CSV for desktop software
• The user receives an automatic backup in Dropbox, Google Drive and SD card backup
• Customize expense categories, payer / payer, payment methods, date format, white or black background, etc.
• Account Transfer

If you want to try it you just have to go into your Google Play and download it.


This application is a Spanish company that has earned the right to be among the most representative in the sector.

Surely, even if you have not used it, it sounds like you hear it on your television commercial.

It is a free application that allows you to connect all the accounts of the banks and boxes that you have, and have all your finances controlled instantly.

Fintonic has obtained a lot of prestige in a few years, getting such important awards as the Gold Medal at the 2012 Lovie Awards, in the ” Best Practice ” category.

As I said, it is a tool of Spanish creation. If you want to know a little more you can install it for free from here , and enjoy it.

It started being used only for Apple devices, but is now available for Android.

It is one of the applications that most experts recommend and the only thing you have to do to enjoy it is to sign up with your email and join your Fintonic account to your bank.

From there, Fintonic is going to take charge of controlling your monthly spending and, according to its slogan, can help you save up to 5,000 euros a year, making small expenses without having to do without your whims.

In addition, the application is completely in Spanish so you will not miss anything by not understanding a word.


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First of all, I have to say that, like Fintonic, Whallet this application has also been developed and designed in Spain .

It is another free application with which you can write down and analyze all your expenses.

With this app you can photograph invoices and tickets to save them.

It is a very simple application with good design, and although at the moment it has a lot of room for improvement, surely they will do it.

Take control of your expenses and discover in what you spend your money and thus make decisions adjusted to reality, you will see how your money grows every day.

See from a clearer perspective how you used the money during the month or the year.


Most users already know Paypal because, together with Western Union or Moneybookers , it is the most important online bank or purse in the world.

If you have the application installed on your mobile device, you can, among other functions, buy in your favorite stores through the phone in a very fast and simple way.

It is guaranteed to be one of the most secure and recognized brands on the internet, and that is why many people prefer to pay by PayPal than to do it directly through their bank card.

In addition, you can send money to PayPal users in more than 202 countries around the world.

To send money with this App you only need to know the email of the person who receives the money.

Do not forget that the use of this mobile application is free.

Toshl Finance

This application is another of the free for Android, and without a doubt, is one of the most recommended to control your personal finances.

In fact, in 2013, she was awarded the The Europe 2013 prize for the best financial application.

Therefore, I am talking about a quality application.

Toshl Finance allows you to fully control your personal expenses, as well as assign budgets or schedule payments.

Thanks to this tool you will never forget to make a payment or never go over budget.

In addition, it allows you to export your documents to different formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV and Google Docs.

The Tosl web application is optimized to work on tablets which will help you a lot if you like to use this type of terminal.

Monitor all your accounts and credit cards in one place and at a glance.

SpendeeWith this app you can organize your expenses according to different items and compare them with expenses made in other periods.

Spendee is one of the applications preferred by users and one of the most downloaded in the Apple App Store.

Yes, it has a cost of 1.79 euros and is in English.

The Spendee 2.0 App brings you many incredible features. Managing your personal finances has never been so easy.

Now you can connect your Spendee account with your online banking.

Your transactions are downloaded and categorized automatically.

  • Connection to bank accounts: Simply connect your online banking with Spendee for automatic synchronization and categorization of all your data.
  • Shared manual compartments: Share wallets with your family and friends and never lose sight of your expenses.
  • Excellent description: Get a great understanding of your finances with unique summaries and well-designed and easy-to-read graphics.


Maybe it’s the most used personal finance application , since it gives you a complete and real-time view of all your finances, from bank accounts, credit cards to loans.

Automatically track your expenses, classify them and notify you when you are approaching your budget limit.

You can even request personalized savings tips within the application.

Everything is shown in simple and intuitive graphics and tables, which makes it one of the most popular personal finance applications in the world.

Keeping up with the bills without effort, benefits of the Mint App:

  • Finally, your accounts and money are together in one place and it is easier than ever to manage them. Just add your bills to see how useful we can be.
  • See bills and money in one place.
  • Receive alerts and schedule payments on the spot.
  • Say goodbye to late fees.
  • Stop signing in to multiple sites.
  • Deliver payments fast.

My Money Coach

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This app comes out among the previous for being a financial coach , is responsible not only to carry out control of your finances but also helps you make certain financial decisions.

Launched by ING Direct its design is very simple and has many options.

This App is a digital advisor that helps you distribute your money in the best way so that you reach your goals beforehand and meet your goals.

Not only does it help you organize your money, My Money Coach also helps you have a clear idea of ​​where your income is.

It is a real-time financial coach , it will ask you questions and then help you distribute your money and know different savings products that fit your profile.

His score among more than 3,000 votes on Google Play is 4.5 out of 5, he is a personal assistant in the management and income account totally reliable.

Another great idea of ​​ING Direc is the Twyp Cash App, the app with which you can get money from thousands of stores, gas stations and many other places.